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Is the problem really the problem?

A good friend of mine Michael has been blogging a bit recently and over lunch we were chatting about work processes and he was kind enough to talk a little bit about how I like to work on his blog. He talks about this in a piece called “is the problem really the problem?” on […]

From a pitch document …

I shared this yesterday and a lot of people seemed to get a laugh out of it. It’s from an (obviously quite informal) pitch document. Stuff like this makes my job, my job.

What I tell design students

I see a fair few students who are graduating soon or who have recently finished their courses. Partly due to my involvement with AGDA and Award School. They’re coming looking to hopefully find a job, and unfortunately I can’t offer them all jobs just yet (or even any of them at this stage). What I […]

Dylab – Unclean Emulation

This is an EP Cover for Dylab – since I left melbourne he hasn’t stopped making music so I can conlusively say I’m a bad influence on him! You can listen to Unclean Emulation here. Unclean Emulation is composed of tracks made on Nintendo DS (Korg DS-10 if you want to check it out). More […]

Tourism Tasmania Stategic Plan 2010

This year I designed the artwork for the Tourism Tasmania Strategic Plan 2010. I’m always impressed when I work with people with a positive vision for their industry, and Tourism Tasmania really do seem to have an excellent internal culture – so refreshing! This job also called for some infographic illustrations which I don’t often […]